Running 4 Heroes

Written on 05/22/2022
Running 4 Heroes

About Running 4 Heroes

Running 4 Heroes started with a kid, an appreciation for our First Responders, and a mission to raise awareness and funds for those fallen in the line of duty.

Zechariah Cartledge was born with the gift of running.  He was raised with an appreciation for First Responders and all they do for the community.  As he grew older, Zechariah decided to help the families of our fallen First Responders in a meaningful way.  Encouraged by the mission and vision of the Tunnel to Towers Foundation, Zechariah began his journey raising funds for those families by running.

In 2019, Running 4 Heroes officially became a non-profit 501(c)(3).  Zechariah runs one mile for every First Responder who makes the ultimate sacrifice in the line of duty.  He wants to honor those who gave up their life so we may live in a better world.

Please consider donating today and help us show support to our First Responders, their Families, their communities as well as our K9 Officers.


Donations to Running 4 Heroes Inc. 501(c)3 fund the following missions:


  • Fallen Hero Flag Mission
  • Injured First Responder Grant Program
  • Travel Mission
  • K9 Safety Vests and Supplies
  • Family of the Fallen Beneficiary Fund
  • Headquarters / Local PD Substation
  • Tribute Hall

“Our First Responders do so much for us. I want to let them know they are appreciated” - Zechariah Cartledge

As of April 2022, please note the following:


Total miles run – 1,214

Grants Awarded to First Responders – 31

--- Total Amount Awarded - $267,500

Funds Awarded to Families of Fallen Heroes: 11

--- Total Amount Awarded: $94,023

Funds Awarded to K9 Officers: $7,500


Contact us at:

Running 4 Heroes, Inc.

273 Winding Hollow Blvd. Ste. 1005

Winter Springs, FL 32708

Phone: (407) 902-4339



Running 4 Heroes, Inc.


Honoring those who sacrifice it all


  Zechariah Cartledge        Chad Cartledge

           Founder                CEO & Co-Founder


Paying tribute to First Responders and their families for their ultimate sacrifice in serving and protecting all our communities. 

Travel Mission – Provides the opportunity to present injured First Responder grants, perform tribute runs, meet First Responders and Surviving Family members.  


Injured First Responder Grant Program – Each month we will select and award a grant of $10,000 to a First Responder Injured in the Line of Duty.


K9 Vests and Safety Supplies – Each month we will select and award a K9 Officer with a ballistic vest and/or safety equipment as part of our Running 4 Heroes K9 Program.


Family of the Fallen Beneficiary Fund - When a First Responder is lost in the Line of Duty and leaves behind children 17 years of age or younger, with the agency/family blessing, we will spearhead fundraising campaigns to help financially support the families of these fallen heroes.


Headquarters/Local PD Substation - Our Running 4 Heroes Headquarters in Winter Springs, Florida has officially become a substation for our local Police Department. In order to ensure that our local Officers have what they need, we will stock our kitchen and bathroom with various food/hygiene products so that our local First Responders are hydrated and nourished. This is just one way of supporting our local First Responders.


Fallen Hero Flag Mission – The fallen flag mission was the foundation upon which Running 4 Heroes was built. Zachariah runs one (1) mile for every First Responder who loses his/her life in the line of duty. The flag carried by Zachariah is sent to the family or agency of the fallen hero along with a challenge coin and handwritten note. The mission of Running 4 Heroes has grown from this humble beginning to recognize our Fallen Heroes and support their families and all First Responders.


Tribute Hall – In the fall of 2022 we will officially launch our Tribute Hall. Connected to the main Headquarters, this 1,800 square foot space will help us continue to honor of our fallen heroes. It will provide a place for families to reflect on their heroes, and for children to be inspired. From stories of 9/11 efforts to recently fallen heroes, this Tribute Hall will be a powerful place that will forever honor our fallen heroes and provide anyone visiting Orlando a place to honor our fallen.