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Physical Agility Testing 4/17/2022

Physical agility testing will begin at NSA Washington sometime in May. Cpt. Kenny Matthews will be the point of contact for scheduling and testing. No one has been grandfathered or exempted from testing. So far, these are all the details we have. You can not refuse to test. No one will lose their job because of testing failure. Your job could be in jeopardy if you disobey the order to show up for testing.

Members that are sick or in distress


John Branscomb and Happy Sims have been Nominated for the Vice - Chairman. The election will be online voting. Everyone will get an email from Simply Voting on July 26, 2022. Voting will be open for 24 hours due to my conversation with DC lodge 1 President Mike Murphy. Next time we have a general membership meeting we will have to address a longer time period for voting in the future.

Shop Stewards

NDW Shop Stewards are:


General membership meeting for 2023:

Pay updated

MEETING UPDATE: On 11/15/2022 we had our meeting with region they are working hard on getting the increase. They have a meeting with their higher ups on December 13 and soon after that meeting we will be updated.

Ratification for the CBA

The ratification of the CBA will be held on 24th of this month at 1300 hours location DC 1 lodge in DC. The CBA was ratified by the dues paying members that were present at the meeting.